Sandpaper and Screwdriver helps stop a Crusader 454 from stalling at idle…Say What?

Recently I had an issue with one of my Crusader 454s on my Bertram 30, Scuba-Do. The engine was running fine, but then shortly after bring the throttle down to idle, the port ending stalled at idle. After repeated tries, the engine refused to idle without stalling.

The ignition system for my 454s is the old points system. While electronic ignition is the way to go, my 454s have Mallory 624av distributers in them. The 624av cannot be converted to electronic ignition.  Good thing with points is that when they start to go, they go slowly. When the electronic ignition goes, you can’t start the engine at all and the electronic module needs to be replaced.

Anyway, going back to my issue, while at anchor, I removed the distributor cap and cleaned the contacts of the points with a piece of sandpaper….BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR IGNITION KEY OFF TO AVOID BEING SHOCKED.  After the contacts for the points were cleaned, I put the Distributor Cap back in place. The engine fired up in a second and idled without any issues. Needless to say, the points in that engine needs to be replaced, however with this quick fix, I was able to continue my day with no interruptions, as well as, make it back to the dock with 2 engines.

Having a flathead screwdriver and a piece of sandpaper on This Old Boat is a good idea  if you have points in your old boat….

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