A Chris Craft 25 Woody Damaged in Hurricane Katrina Resurrected as a Bar

A Chris Craft 25 Woody from the 1950s era, similar to the photo to the left, that was severely damaged in Hurricane Katrina almost met it’s end, chopped up in a dumpster.

Fortunately for this Chris Craft, a home designer looking for something unique to add to a Lake Tahoe vacation home came up with the idea of converting an old classic boat into a Bar. The Bar would be part of large game room sporting a ping pong table and pool tables. In order to get the 25 foot Chris Craft into the room, the 25 foot Chris-Craft wooden racing boat had to be sawed in half, lengthwise, then she was rebuilt and finished.

To accompany the Chris Craft 25 Bar, you will find in this Bar/Game room a 50-inch Samsung plasma HDTV, two pool tables (one of which converts into a Ping-Pong table), a dart board, two pair of Sonance in-ceiling speakers to deliver a variety of music sources from the whole-house audio system, and in-wall Sonance K2 LCD touchpad used to activate selected music sources.

While the utilization of Chris Craft 25 as a Bar is very cool, it’s also sad to see an old boat be taken out service.

The chances are that “This Old Boat” may not have ever been giving another chance after being damaged in Hurricane Katrina. Hopefully the utilization of this Chris Craft 25 as a Bar and showpiece  to this Lake Tahoe vacation home may heighten the awareness of the treasures that one can find after refurbishing an old classic boat.

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